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Forensix Group are workplace investigation specialists. We understand the complexities and sensitivities surrounding investigations conducted with staff, including

  • Bullying and harassment
  • Code of conduct breaches
  • Staff fraud and misappropriation
  • Misconduct including theft, unlawful use of resources or business intelligence breaches
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Breaches of other company/organisational policy

Dealing with complex workplace matters requires expert investigators. Few managers have the training or experience in investigating workplace complaints, let alone the time to handle complex, emotional investigations with their own staff on top of their existing workload. The risk of bias towards the complainant or the subject employee is also a significant consideration.

Generally, matters investigated in the workplace have significant impact upon personnel, both complainants and staff accused of breaches. Not all investigators have the requisite skills and experience in this area.

Successful workplace investigations require a timely response, a professional approach and a focus on confidentiality and privacy. Procedural fairness is paramount in these types of investigations.

Don’t risk industrial liability by engaging investigators that don’t have experience in the workplace field. Engaging experienced, independent, external workplace investigators will help you:

  • deal with a complaint in a timely, transparent and objective manner
  • ensure procedural fairness for all involved parties
  • ensure compliance with relevant legal and regulatory frameworks
  • allow your managers and supervisors focus on their core business
  • be confident that you have reliable facts and have all the information you need to assist your decision making

Ongoing consultation, a timely response and a focus on participant welfare make Forensix Group stand out from the others.

Our approach

Forensix Group are a team of Australasia-wide investigators with decades of experience in criminal, civil and administrative matters. Upon receiving your enquiry, our CEO will contact you and discuss your relevant needs. At this stage we’ll give you the proper advice to allow you to make a decision about whether or not to proceed. We’ll discuss with you:

  • Your specific needs, including an overview of your issue
  • The best approach and methodology for an investigation
  • A timeline of action
  • Costing information based on your information

(This is a no obligation and free service to you)

Upon acceptance of our services we’ll

  • Assist you to prepare a ‘terms of reference’ and investigation scope
  • Develop an investigation plan for your approval
  • Assist you to communicate with all involved parties
  • Match and allocate an investigator specific for your needs

During the investigation we’ll

  • Conduct ourselves to the highest standard, including strict adherence with the principles of natural justice, or procedural fairness
  • Conduct face-to-face or telephone interviews with the identified participants
  • Gather the documentary evidence, such as emails, file notes and digital evidence
  • Conduct necessary site visits if applicable
  • Constantly review and assess all the evidence, to identify where it is ‘contradictory’ and if further exploration is needed
  • Communicate with you to ensure you are kept appraised of the investigation, including hours spent and current investigation budget expenditure
  • Analyse all evidence and draw conclusions, making findings of fact
  • Write an investigation report that clearly sets out the allegations and our findings
  • Provide recommendations if requested

After the investigation we’ll

  • Communicate with you to ensure we’ve met your needs
  • Provide any ongoing support and/or guidance to assist in moving forward

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